Poll: Czech public favour Švejnar for president

If the Czech public were able to vote in next month’s presidential elections, then Jan Švejnar would win, suggests a poll commissioned by the opposition Social Democrats and conducted by the STEM agency. Fifty-two percent of the polls respondents said that they would vote for Mr Švejnar, while the remaining 48% said that they would pot for Mr Klaus. According to the poll, those who normally vote for the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Communists backed Mr Švejnar, while Civic Democratic voters overwhelmingly gave Mr Klaus their support. Those who didn’t affiliate themselves with any political party were split roughly down the middle over the two candidates. Mr Švejnar had a clear lead over Václav Klaus when it came to women voters, the poll found. The president will be elected by Czech deputies and senators on February 8.

Author: Rosie Johnston