Politicians respond to radar announcement

The Social Democratic Party, which opposed the radar plans, called the announcement a victory for the Czech people and said that the development proved their argument that there was no rationale for a missile defence shield in the Czech Republic. Former prime minister and Civic Democrat leader Mirek Topolánek said that the cancellation of the radar was a direct result of the fall of his government, uncertainty around elections and the perception of the Czech Republic as an unreliable partner. Former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, who signed a bilateral agreement on the radar with the Americans last year, said the decision was intended primarily as an incentive for Russia and Iran ahead of six-nation nuclear talks with Iran planned for October. Spokesman of the No to Bases civic initiative Jan Májíček said that the American administration would have decided differently had both bilateral radar agreements been ratified, and that the active resistance of Czech citizens had prevented that. The No to Bases initiative was to begin a bus tour on Thursday protesting the radar.