Political figures react to ruling

President Václav Klaus has called the ruling an unprecedented measure that was entirely political and would have a fundamental impact on the political system in the country. The president also stated he will work to find a speedy solution to the crisis caused by Tuesday’s ruling.

Interim Prime Minister Jan Fischer, who has been leading the country since the centre-right government of Mirek Topolánek lost a vote of no confidence in March, said he has taken the decision into account but had no immediate comment.

Civic Democratic chairman Mirek Topolánek spoke of an absurdity of record proportions, adding that the ruling could impact negatively not only on the country’s political development, but also on the current economic crisis.

Jíři Paroubek, head of the Social Democratic Party said that the decision went against the interests of Czech citizens and the country needs a stable government at a time of crisis.

The leader of the Christian Democrats, Cyril Svoboda, has said that doubt over early elections demands the immediate creation of a new political government, as the current caretaker government was only named to see the country through to early elections.

The parties were united in calling for cooperation to resolve the matter swiftly, and have asked the Constitutional Court to do likewise.