Police to question Czech PM’s son about alleged kidnapping to stop him testifying in EU subsidy fraud case

Andrej Babiš Jr., the son and namesake of the Czech prime minister, is due to speak to police on Thursday about his alleged abduction to Crimea in 2017.

He claims that his father had him taken to the Ukrainian peninsula against his will in order to prevent him from testifying about alleged EU subsidy fraud by his father.

The Czech prime minister is suspected of having wrongfully acquired 50 million crowns in EU funds for a conference centre near Prague known as the Stork’s Nest. He denies any wrongdoing.

To date, police have not questioned Andrej Babiš Jr., who resides in Switzerland. Since arriving in the Czech Republic in July, he has spoken out publicly against his father, and recently confronted him at a campaign event.

The prime minister says that his son is mentally ill and denies having him forcibly removed from the Czech Republic.

Author: Brian Kenety