Police investigating video of woman waving Nazi flag from truck in convoy at Plzeň Freedom Celebrations

Police are investigating the case of a woman who waved a Nazi flag from an American WWII truck during the third day of the Plzeň Freedom Celebrations on Sunday, news site iROZHLAS.cz reports. Footage published on social media shows the driver of the truck handing the flag to the woman sitting in the passenger seat, who then proceeds to briefly wave it back and forth out of the truck in the direction of the crowds, along with the American flag that she is also holding.

The incident occurred during the Convoy of Liberty, when over 300 historic US military vehicles pass through Plzeň as part of the Freedom Celebrations marking the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation by US and Belgian troops at the end of World War II. Twenty of the jeeps were carrying descendants of some of the American and Belgian veterans who helped liberate the city. The festivities, which draw tens of thousands of people every year, will culminate on Monday, May 6.

Author: Anna Fodor