Police heads removed from office following May Day beating

Heads will roll in connection with last week's police action against the head of the government's human rights section, Katerina Jacques, the Czech Police chief Vladislav Husak announced on Wednesday. Ms Jacques, a candidate for the opposition Green Party in the upcoming parliamentary elections, says she was beaten by a police officer when she refused to stop protesting against a May Day neo-Nazi demonstration in the Prague 2 district. The police officer will most likely be charged with the abuse of power, causing bodily harm, and limiting personal freedoms.

As of May 15, the head of the Prague 2 police headquarters and his deputy will no longer hold their posts; disciplinary proceedings against the representative of the Prague Police have been launched. The incident has also cost police president Husak his promotion to the rank of General. Police psychologists will be present at all major operations in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Author: Dita Asiedu