Police ‘headhunter’ unit apprehends German national wanted on gun charges

A specialized police unit, nicknamed ‘the headhunters’ in the press, successfully apprehended Uwe Giesemann – a German national wanted on an international arrest warrant for illegal gun possession and other charges. Germany’s criminal police last year uncovered more than 200 firearms in his home, one of them a bazooka. The 69-year-old suspect was caught in Karlovy Vary on Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the Police Presidium confirmed. A search of his apartment in the west Bohemian town uncovered a stash of weapons and other items including jewels, gold coins, and 290,000 euros in cash – together estimated as being worth more than one million euros. Police suspect the loot was gained through criminal activity. The suspect will be transferred to the German authorities.

Author: Jan Velinger