Police establish identity of Nazi flag wavers in Plzeň Freedom Celebrations convoy

The police have established the identity of the two Czech citizens who waved a Nazi flag from a jeep during the Plzeň Freedom Celebrations on Sunday, the Czech News Agency reports. They suspect them of being far-right sympathisers. A police spokesperson told the Czech News Agency that the police are continuing to investigate and no one has been charged yet.

Plzeň Mayor Roman Zarzycký said that such behaviour was completely unacceptable and should be strongly condemned. He added that as far as he knew, the perpetrators were not members of a traditional military club, but rather individual participants in the convoy.

The incident took place during the annual Convoy of Liberty when over 300 historic US military vehicles pass through Plzeň, usually the biggest spectator attraction of the four-day Freedom Celebrations that commemorate the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation by US and Belgian troops in May 1945.

Author: Anna Fodor