Police close enquiry into the alleged post-war murder of ethnic Germans

Czech police have closed their enquiry into the alleged post-war murder of 16 ethnic Germans near Dobronín in the area of Jihlava, Czech Radio reported Thursday. Human remains were uncovered in the Budínka and U Viaduktu localities near Dobronín more than two years ago in a mass grave. Anthropologists said the bodies of at least 13 people, between the ages of 30 to 60, were buried there. The cause of their death remains unclear but according to some sources, they were killed by assailants with shovels and other tools in a rampage of violence that erupted against local Germans after the end of World War II. The police are not commenting the enquiry in detail and have stressed that only those linked to the case will be acquainted with the results. Those are to be translated into German and sent to 20 or so surviving relatives.

Author: Jan Velinger