Poland to recall Czech ambassador over his comments regarding Turów coal mine dispute

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has decided to recall the country’s ambassador to the Czech Republic over his “unacceptable comments” about the Turów brown coal mine dispute. In an interview for Deutche Welle, Ambassador Miroslaw Jasinski said that there was a lack of understanding and a lack of willingness to dialogue, especially on the Polish side, in the disagreement between Prague and Warsaw.

The case concerns a long-running dispute over Turów coal mine located near the Czech border. The Czech Republic is suing Poland over the mine's expansion and filed a lawsuit at the EU Court of Justice over the matter.  The court ordered Poland to halt operations at the mine until a binding verdict was passed. Poland has refused to do so and has received a fine of EUR 500,000 per day for non-compliance with the ruling.

Author: Ruth Fraňková