Podyjí – the best preserved river valley in the Czech Republic

Podyjí, photo: Ľubomír Smatana / Czech Radio

The Podyjí National Park, the only such park in Moravia and the smallest in the country, is somewhat different than the country’s mountainous areas. Apart from beautiful views of the meanders of the river Dyje, its main draws are unique animals and plants.

The most visited place in the Dyje region is the historic Šobes vineyard, which is described by wine connoisseurs and landscape experts as the most beautiful vineyard in Moravia. Wine was grown there by the ancient Romans.

Cyclists can enjoy the national park on marked bike paths, which in Podyjí have a total length of about 80 kilometers.

The uniqueness of Podyjí lies in the fact that, unlike other areas, it was not destroyed by for instance the construction of dams or cottage buildings.

This is mainly due to the terrain and location on the border with Austria, as well as the existence of a border zone between the 1950s and 1980s, when it was part of the Iron Curtain.