PM: Judge Vyvadil to become deputy justice minister

Jiri Vyvadil, a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court, is to become the deputy justice minister as of the beginning of September, Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek said through his spokeswoman on Saturday. The Prime Minister was reacting to speculation in Saturday's edition of the daily Pravo which said Mr Vyvadil was going to replace the Supreme State Attorney Marie Benesova.

Earlier this week, Justice Minister Pavel Nemec called on Ms Benesova to resign over their dispute over the extradition of the Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdul Sani, who was sentenced for sex with underage girls in the Czech Republic, but Ms Benesova refused to do so. On Monday the Supreme Court complied with an earlier request by Justice Minister Pavel Nemec allowing Mr Sani to be tried at home, which the Supreme State Attorney Marie Benesova had sharply criticised.