PM: Czechia to introduce “Bavarian model” of Covid measures from Monday

From Monday, the Czech Republic will introduce the so-called “Bavarian” model of Covid restrictions, meaning that negative test results will no longer be accepted as a valid certificate for people visiting pubs, bars, restaurants and mass events, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš told Czech Television on Wednesday.

The new measure is set to be approved by the government on Thursday at a time when daily coronavirus cases are at a record high. Mr Babiš said that there is a majority in favor of adopting the new rules within the government.

If the new measure gets the green light it will mean that vaccine certificates and proof of having successfully recovered from the virus will be the only accepted documents for people wanting to access mass events and service sector businesses.  Employees and health and social facility clients will still be able to show that they are negative by providing an antigen test, the prime minister said.

Hours later, at a special press conference, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch added that PCR tests will be valid for children between the ages of 12 to 18. Up to five tests will be covered for free for this group and for those who are waiting for their second vaccine dose.

The likely future PM, Petr Fiala, said that the new measures had been announced without prior consultation with experts from the expected next government of the Together and Mayors and Indepents coalitions.