PM Babiš presents President Zeman with government line-up

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with President Zeman at Prague Castle on Sunday to present him with the new cabinet line-up. Mr Babiš said after the meeting that his advisor and former labour and social affairs minister František Koníček will not be part of the new cabinet. However, he refused to disclose the names of ANO nominees for ministerial posts.

The appointment of the new government may be postponed due to a dispute over the Social Democrat’s choice of foreign minister, Miroslav Poche, who is opposed by the president and by the Communist Party.

The president claims that Mr. Poche, who had openly supported his opponent, Jiří Drahoš, in the recent presidential elections, is soft on migrants. Mr. Zeman said he will meet with Mr Poche next week and ask him to reconsider his nomination.

Author: Ruth Fraňková