PM announces wide ranging measures to curb spread of COVID-19

All bars, clubs and restaurants will be closed from Wednesday until November 3, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced on Monday evening after a government council on how to handle the growing coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, all schools will be closed until November 1. The obligation to wear face masks will be extended to all public transport stations. No more than six people will be allowed to gather in one space and a ban on drinking alcohol in public spaces has also been put in place, Health Minister Roman Prymula announced. All of the measures will take effect from Wednesday this week.

Social services will also restrict their operations only to the most important cases, with high school and university students of social service degrees being drafted as support personnel. Pensioner home residents will be restricted from leaving the institution’s premises. Those social service clients who are visited at home will have to wear a form of nose and mouth protection when visited by care workers.

A 30-day state of emergency is currently in place in the Czech Republic, after being implemented on October 5. The country is currently facing its most serious situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic yet.