Planeta Peru holds benefit concert to help flood-affected children

The Planeta Peru for Children Foundation, is holding a benefit concert this Thursday for children who have suffered as a consequence of last month's devastating floods. The concert, supported by the Office of the President, will be held at Prague Castle's Spanish Hall at 8 p.m. and tickets are still available. Dita Asiedu spoke to the foundation's director, Guillermo Parodi:

"Planeta Peru is a foundation that mainly focuses on helping children and the idea started with helping orphans in Peru, where I come from, but we are basically going to help children wherever they need help, focusing on orphans. The foundation has well respected board members here in the Czech Republic and our first activity will be this benefit concert."

Who is going to be taking part in the concert?

"We have a group of talented young musicians because the foundation also has the objective of promoting talented musicians abroad and we have a plan to have similar concerts in places like Lima, Peru. We have Krystof Lecian who is a cellist, he will perform the 24 Capriccii of Paganini that was only composed for the violin and he is the only one who is going to do it on cello so it is going to be an amazing 55 minutes of the 24 Capriccii of Paganini. He will be playing with his brother Igor and the pianist Michal Nejtek and they will also perform Astor Piazzolla's 'Cuatro Estaciones en Buenos Aires' so we will give a little Latin touch to the concert. Finally we have a composition that was composed for our premier by Martin Kumzak, a talented composer here in this country. It is called 'A Spring day in Peru'. So it's really an exotic but amazing beautiful programme."

Is there a set price for tickets? How much do you plan to raise from the concert?

"Whatever we can. We have tickets for 1000, 500, and 300 Czech crowns. But we are also committed to students and the elderly so we will always give them a 50% discount."

Are there any records of the number of children who need help and what sort of help they actually need?

"I don't have the specific numbers and therefore we rely on a very serious organisation, Clovek v Tisni (People in Need Foundation) that has all the data. There are many schools, for example, that have been flooded in the area of Litomerice and Usti nad Labem and the surrounding areas of Terezin."