Petr Fiala appointed new Czech prime minister

President Miloš Zeman appoineted Petr Fiala, leader of the Civic Democratic Party, to the post of prime minister at a ceremony in Lany chateaux on Sunday. In view of the president’s positive test for Covid, the appointment took place under strict hygiene norms in a room with two entrances, separated by a Plexiglas wall. The scenario allowed for visual and audio contact only.

The appointment took place seven weeks after October‘s general elections, in which the SPOLU alliance of Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and the Christian Democrats beat the ruling ANO party by a slim margin. Petr Fiala, who has led the Civic Democrats since 2014, successfully negotiated a coalition agreement between SPOLU and the other anti-Babiš election alliance, the Pirates and Mayors and Independents. The five party coalition government will have a comfortable 108 seat majority in the lower house.

It is not yet clear when the president will appoint the whole cabinet. Petr Fiala has already presented him with the proposed line up for an 18-member cabinet.The president said he would start one-on-one talks with the presidential nominees right away, saying the process could be concluded by December 13.

The new prime minister said his cabinet is ready to take over responsibility for the country immediately. The new administration will have to tackle the Covid epidemic, the energy crisis and soaring inflation.