Parties likely to clash over screening bill

The Social Democrats have admitted there is a possibility they could support an initiative to scrap a screening law adopted in the 1990s to prevent collaborators with the communist-era secret police from holding high office. On Monday, the party’s chairman Bohuslav Sobotka suggested that the legislation had served its purpose and that there was no real reason for its continuation. Members of government post-1989 have all required a clean slate under the bill and the centre-right TOP 09 and Civic Democrats are in favour of the bill remaining in force. There is speculation that the head of ANO 2011 Andrej Babiš, as finance minister, would fail screening as he was listed in StB records. The magnate denies having ever collaborated with the secret police and is suing to clear his name in neighbouring Slovakia, where the evidence originated.

Author: Jan Velinger