Paroubek rules out co-operation with Communists at national level

Social Democrats chairman Jiří Paroubek says the question of whether his party and the Communists could co-operate at government level is a closed chapter. Such co-operation is not possible, he said in a statement on Wednesday, adding that the matter could not be resolved so close to elections in October. Earlier on Wednesday, Communist leader Vojtěch Filip refused to say sorry for his party’s totalitarian past in an interview on Czech Television.

Some more liberal Communists have reportedly floated the idea that such an apology could pave the way for the Social Democrats to abandon a resolution ruling out working with the Communists at national level. The Communists made an apology soon after the Velvet Revolution; however, the other parties have kept them at arms length for the last 20 years and they have never been in government.

Author: Ian Willoughby