Pandora Papers: Czech PM used offshore firms to buy £13m mansion in France

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has used offshore firms to finance his purchase of a £13m mansion in the south of France, suggest the so-called Pandora Papers, leaked documents that have been shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists with media around the world on Sunday.

According to the leaked documents, which reveal offshore deals and assets of more than 100 billionaires and 30 world leaders, Mr Babiš "injected €19 million into a string of shell companies to buy a sprawling property, known as Chateau Bigaud, in a hilltop village in Mougins, France, near Cannes."

Mr Babiš, who has long been under fire from Brussels over conflict of interest, denies any wrongdoing, saying he didn’t do anything illegal. He also claims that the publishing of the documents is an attempt to discredit him ahead of the elections.

Author: Ruth Fraňková