Overview of latest coronavirus measures in Czech Republic

Photo: The Government of the Czech Republic

In response to the latest developments, the Czech government has made a series of revisions to the measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. The state of emergency, in place since March, is set to end on April 30 and the dates for the gradual reopening of the service sector have been revised. Below is an overview of the measures still in place and the dates of further planned changes.

Photo: The Government of the Czech Republic

Travel from Friday, April 24

Czech borders are reopened and people are again allowed to travel abroad (this includes recreational travel). However, those returning to the Czech Republic will have to undertake a COVID-19 test on the border, or self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

An exception is in place for cross-border job commuters, who will be able to cross the border freely in both directions from Monday, April 27, provided that they undertake a coronavirus test every two weeks.

Travel into the Czech Republic for foreigners, remains restricted for the duration of the state of emergency. However, there is now an exception in place for those EU citizens who either enter the Czech Republic for business, or are students of EU universities, provided that they fulfil certain requirements. More detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior: shorturl.at/ayQV4

Free movement in public spaces

As of Friday, April 24, the ban on free movement, which only allowed residents to go to work, visit shops to buy essentials, visit family members or health facilities, is no longer in effect. Group gatherings are allowed up to the limit of 10 persons.

Timetable for reopening of service sector businesses

The government has decided to speed up its timetable for the reopening of those service sector businesses which have been closed since March by two weeks.

Monday, April 27

Reopening of shops the size of up to 2,500 square meters that have their own entrance and are not located in large shopping centres. The same day will also see the reopening of driving schools, gyms and fitness centres, although without the use of showers and changing rooms.

Monday, May 11

Reopening of outdoor services in restaurants and cafes, as well as hairdressers, pedicure and various similar cosmetic service providers. Restrictions will also be lifted for museums, galleries and exhibition halls.

Monday, May 25

Full reopening of restaurants, including interior spaces. Reopening of hotels and hostels, as well as a lifting of restrictions on cultura; and social events. Sports events will also be allowed up to a certain amount of attendees.

Educational facilities

As of Monday, April 27, universities can reopen to all students, provided that classes are taught to groups no larger than five. Charles University has announced that it plans to open in a limited manner on Monday, May 4.

According to the government's plan, schools will not fully reopen this school term, which ends on June 30. The state plans to open them gradually. The government’s schedule for a limited reopening of these facilities, announced last Wednesday, remains in place. According to this plan, final year high school and elementary school students could go to school from May 11 and some first level elementary school students could begin attending classroom hours from May 25, in groups no larger than 15.


Spa facilities may now begin accepting patients under certain conditions, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch announced on Thursday. However, these conditions have not yet been specified. Spa representatives have said that even after the end of extraordinary measures are cancelled they will not be able to start working immediately.