Over two thirds of Czechs against tightening-up of abortion laws

Over two thirds of Czechs are against tightening up this country’s abortion laws. In a poll conducted by the GfK Praha agency for the newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes, 71 percent of respondents said that they thought the Czech Republic’s abortion laws were sufficient, and that they were against any move to outlaw abortion in this country. Twenty-five percent of those polled said that they would like to see a clamp-down on abortion in this country, while eight percent said that they thought the practice should be outlawed completely. The poll comes in the light of fresh calls from the Christian Democrats to reopen the debate on whether abortion should be legal in this country. Neighbouring Slovakia has in recent years tightened its laws on abortion. Last week, government data was released which showed that the number of abortions in the Czech Republic had been falling for fifteen consecutive years.

Author: Rosie Johnston