Outgoing president setting sights on EU post?

Outgoing President Václav Klaus, who steps down in a little over a month, is weighing the possibility of a post within the structure of the European Union, Czech daily Lidové noviny reports. According to the newspaper, citing an anonymous source close to the president, there is a possibility the former head-of-state would even be “satisfied” with the post of euro MP, noting elections to the European Parliament are scheduled for next spring, enough time for Mr Klaus to launch a new party to back his bid. Mr Klaus is widely-regarded as a staunch eurosceptic opposed to further federalisation; any new party formed by him would be expected to have a strong anti-federalist platform. Several highly-placed members of the Civic Democratic Party that he once headed, meanwhile, expressed support for the outgoing president continuing in politics. One of Mr Klaus’ closest advisors, Ladislav Jakl, told the daily he had no information about the president’s plans.

Author: Jan Velinger