Outgoing PM may be charged

The police suspect the outgoing Prime Minister Petr Nečas of having personally proffered bribes to three former Civic Democrat MPs and delivered on his promises after the MPs had vacated their seats in the lower house, according to the internet daily E15. The outgoing prime minister allegedly acted at the instigation of his chief-of-staff Jana Nagyova and the former deputy agriculture minister, Roman Boček. His chief-of-staff has been charged with abuse of office and corruption, charges which the internet daily Novinky.cz says will inevitably be pressed against Mr. Nečas as well. Pavel Komar from the Olomouc State Attorney’s Office has confirmed that Mr. Nečas is on the list on suspects.

Petr Nečas formally resigned as prime minister and party leader on Monday, saying he would serve out his term in the Chamber of Deputies and then leave politics entirely.