Opposition Social Democrats may still instigate vote on dissolution of lower house

The Social Democratic Party has said it may instigate a vote on the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies in July, even if the party beforehand lacks the 120 votes needed. The head of the party’s deputies club Jeroným Tejc said the Social Democrats would still try and gain support from the centre-right parties the Civic Democrats and TOP 09. MP Tejc made clear his party wanted to open the way to early elections. So far, the Social Democrats can count on the vote of 54 of its own MPs and 26 MPs from the Communist Party. Public Affairs, who have also called for early elections, have 11, bringing the total to 91. As it stands, it is unclear which – if any – parties in the Chamber of Deputies will vote in favour of Jiří Rusnok’s cabinet: the opposition parties all prefer early elections and the members of the centre-right coalition a continuation of the previous government under new prime minister Miroslava Němcová.

Author: Jan Velinger