Opposition slams President Zeman for casting doubt on outcome of Vrbětice investigation

Opposition politicians have criticized President Zeman for casting doubt on the outcome of the investigation into the Vrbětice blasts and thus opening the door to Russian disinformation activities.

The head of the Pirate Party Ivan Bartoš said the Czech government and Parliament considered the proof it had been presented adequate and the findings had likewise been presented to the country’s EU and NATO partners.

The leader of the Mayors and Independents, Vít Rakušan, noted that the speech had only confirmed the fact that the Czech Republic lacked a head of state who would stand by the country and its citizens.

The head of the Christian Democrats, Marian Jurečka, pointed to the absurdity of the fact that the head of state had not met with the head of the country’s intelligence service to be briefed about the matter and openly questioned the service’s performance.