Opposition pushes through first reading of draft on abolishing health fees

The opposition has pushed a proposal - aimed at abolishing mandatory health care fees for pensioners and others - through a first reading in the lower house. If passed, the bill will exempt pensioners but also those under the age of 18, as well as some low-income earners. That would mean two-fifths of the population would not have to pay fees which include 30 crowns for each visit to the doctor’s or 60 crowns per day spent in hospital. Some 2 million seniors and roughly the same number of minors would be affected. Exemptions have already been made in some cases, including that of newborns and organ donors. Friday’s bill passed somewhat surprisingly in its first reading with help from coalition MPs Ludvík Hovorka, of the Christian Democrats, and Olga Zubová of the Greens.

Author: Jan Velinger