Opera singer, ‘Lemonade Joe’ star Karel Fiala dies at 95

Singer and actor Karel Fiala, best known for playing the lead in the 1964 film 'Lemonade Joe, or the Horse Opera', a parody of the American Western genre, has died at the age of 95, iRozhlas.cz reports.

Karel Fiala, an operatic tenor, began performing in operas at the National Theatre in 1949 while still a student at the Prague Conservatory, and continued doing so while studying at the Academy of Performing Arts.

In 1954, he joined the roster of principal artists at the Musical Theatre in Karlín where he performed for several decades. His first film role came in 1956, when he played Dalibor in an adaptation of Bedřich Smetana’s opera of the same name.

Author: Brian Kenety