The only G4S heist suspect gets 9 years

Former operator of the security company G4S, Antonín Saleta, has been handed a 9-year prison sentence on Wednesday for his role in the ‘heist of the century’ case from 2002, when unknown men dressed as policemen stole 154 million crowns from a G4S security vehicle in Prague. State prosecutors claim that Mr. Saleta helped plan the heist, and made sure that the driver on duty did not put up any resistance to the perpetrators. Mr. Saleta, who pleaded innocent, bought an apartment shortly after the heist and moved with his family to Cuba and later Venezuela. He told the court that he was unaware that he was being investigated in the case as a fugitive since 2010. The Prague court ruled that Mr. Saleta also has to pay the 154 million crows stolen 11 years ago.

Author: Masha Volynsky