Prague brothel threatened to send out 600 prostitutes onto the capital’s streets

Illustrative photo: Kristýna Maková

Prague City Hall has won a dragged out case with a local Prague brothel, which threatened in a petition that 600 prostitutes would be forced on to the capital’s streets if it were closed down, reported on Monday.

Illustrative photo: Kristýna Maková
“We have a larger number of [annual] visitors than the palace in Konopiště“, one of the authors of the petition Zbyněk Matela told the news site in defence of the establishment, which he claims had more than 158,000 visitors last year.

Called ShowPark, the erotic club is located in the Prague Market of the capital’s Holešovice district. It has 65 employees who rent out over fifty rooms for women and their clients. Just on VAT the company pays some CZK 16 million to the state, says Mr Matela.

However, according to Eva Horáková, a local councillor from the Pirate Party, these numbers are overblown. Pointing out that that the high visitation number would mean 400 guests per day, she asked how long the women have to work to afford the rents.

Mr Matela has dismissed any allegations from City Hall that the club employs prostitutes and that the company is engaged in illegal activities.

In fact, he claims that the brothel was part of the city‘s concept for the protected market and that rather than an embarassment for the city, they view it as a place which brings “entertainment into an uninhabited area“.

However, this claim surprised deputy mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha Sobě), who joked that if there are no prostitutes then the petition should instead claim that 600 artists will swarm Prague‘s streets instead.

The seccession style market is currently being reconstructed in a largescale revitalisation project that the city has dedicated some CZK 143 million in next year’s budget.

According to the deputy mayor prolonging the business‘ contract would have been impossible due to the company running a brothel, despite claiming that there are no prostitutes inside.