NGOs call on politicians to change debtors’ legislation

A change to the territoriality of bailiffs, an end to unenforceable repossessions, the creation of protected accounts and a change in the calculation of income deductions, these are policies that NGOs working in poverty relief want to see politicians adopt.

Twenty organisations, ranging from the Czech Helsinki Committee and Caritas Czech Republic to the Council of Seniors, say that such changes would help deal with the problem of excessive debt in the country.

An amendment on the law regarding the system of how repositions are enacted is set to be discussed in the Chamber of Deputies soon and will then be moved to the Senate.

The scale of bankruptcies and repossession threats in the country is very large, with 9 percent of the country’s population over the age of 15 being a target of repossession only last year. Reform in this area of legislation was also one of the main topics during the last elections into the Chamber of Deputies in 2017.

Author: Tom McEnchroe