News Tuesday, JANUARY 19th, 1999

Those were the main headlines, now the news in more detail, read by Marketa Atanasova.

Cyprian foreign minister in Czech Republic

The foreign minister of Cyprus, Yannakis Kasoulidis, who is in the CR on a four day official visit, is meeting today his Czech counterpart Jan Kavan, as well as the Czech president Vaclav Havel, the Chairman of the House of Deputies, Vaclav Klaus, and the vice premiers Egon Lansky and Vladimir Spidla. Their discussions will be centered on the recent developments in Cyprus and the enlargement of the European union. After the 1974 Turkish invasion, Cyprus was divided into two parts, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Cyprus. Last year, the European Union invited Cyprus, as well as the Czech Republic, to join the talks on the EU enlargement.

Jan Palach died 30 years ago

Today, the Czech Republic commemorates the 30 anniversary of the death of Jan Palach, a twenty year old student who died in hospital on January 19, 1969, after he set himself on fire three days earlier. His act, which is unparalleled in 20th century Europe, was done in order to protest against the lethargy which followed the initial wave of rage against the 1968 Soviet invasion. The Czech president Vaclav Havel and the prime minister Milos Zeman laid flowers to the memorial on Prague's Venceslas square, where Palach's self emulation took place. In 1992, Palach was awarded, im memoriam, the Order of T.G. Masaryk. President Havel stressed the high spiritual meaning of Palach's act, saying / I quote / 'he reflected what little faith we have'.

1998 state budget end with a large deficit

The 1998 state budget ended with a 29.3 deficit, although it was originally compiled as balanced, and although until November last year, it showed a surplus of 2 billion crowns. The 1998 final figure is close to that in the nelwy passed 1999 deficit budget, which foresees a state deficit of 31 billion crowns.

And that's the end of the news.