News Saturday, MAY 23rd, 1998

Hello and welcome to the programme. I'm AS and we start with the headlines:

The Czech-Moravian confederation of trade unions will support a strike by public sector workers

The House of Deputies has discussed Interior minister Cyril Svoboda's report on last weekend's clashes between radical youth and the police in Prague

and the Civic democratic alliance will not take part in the early parliamentary elections

Those were the main points, and now the news in detail:

The Czech-Moravian confederation of trade unions, at its Friday session, decided to support a June 8th strike planned by public sector employees. Trade unionists decided to resort to this action after having exhausted negotiation possibilities. The Confederation's chairman Richard Falbr told newsmen on Friday that other TU organizations have voiced support for solidarity actions designed to help the public sector. Although Falbr will be at an International organization of labour conference in Geneva on the 8th of June, he will wear a ribbon to express his solidarity with people on strike.

The House of Deputies has finished debating Thursday's report by Interior minister Cyril Svoboda on last weekend's clash between radical youth and the police in downtown Prague. The deputies decided to promote better communication among policemen and better legislation that would cover similar incidents. Minister Svoboda was not present at the meeting due to his journey to Slovenia, but in his report he said that the whole action had probably been organized from abroad. Svoboda admitted that the police didn't have enough information about the Global Street Party that proceeded the riot, neither from the Czech republic nor from abroad, and that in the future, better monitoring of radical ecological groups will be necessary.

The Civic democratic alliance will end its participation in the June elections by not paying the election bail, and will not use the transmission times alloted to it on public radio and TV by the election law, the alliance's leader, Daniel Kroupa, told a press conference on Friday. The alliance will recommend to its supporters whom to vote for shortly before the end of the election campaign, and till then it would be premature to speculate about it, Kroupa told journalists.

The movement of citizens between Bosnia and the Czech Republic should be less complicated in the future although the visa duty between the two countries will remain in force. That's the outcome of a discussion conducted on Friday in Prague between the Czech Foreign minister Jaroslav Sedivy and his Bosnian counterpart Jadranko Prli. Sedivy stressed that this problem should also be evaluated from the point of view of the European Union, which pays special attention to visa policies.

And that's the end of the news.