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Three seriously ill Iraqi children arrive in Prague for treatment

The defence minister, Miroslav Kostelka, has brought three seriously ill Iraqi children to the Czech Republic for treatment. The three, aged one, ten and twelve, were taken from the minister's plane to Prague's Motol hospital as soon as they landed late on Thursday night. Another eight Iraqi children and a young woman are also due to come to this country for treatment. Minister Kostelka had been in the southern Iraqi city of Basra for a one-day visit.

Unemployment up to 9.9 percent, economy now in deflation

Unemployment in the Czech Republic was at 9.9 percent in July, up from 9.5 percent in June, according to figures released by the Labour Ministry on Friday. Some 520,000 Czechs are now without a job, though unemployment rates have dropped from the first three months of this year, when joblessness broke the 10 percent barrier for the first time.

Meanwhile, it was also announced on Friday that the Czech Republic has gone into deflation, with a 0.1 percent drop in consumer prices in July.

Charges against ice hockey star Hasek reduced to misdemeanour

The Pardubice state prosecutor has reduced to a misdemeanour a charge against ice hockey star Dominik Hasek, who was accused of attacking an opponent during a game of in-line hockey. Police had requested that Mr Hasek, who is 38, face a charge of assault in connection with the incident, which left the other player with a broken nose and concussion. Mr Hasek, who has enjoyed an extremely successful career, recently rejoined the club Detroit Red Wings, a year after retiring from the game.

Execution of Fischer company halted as creditors agree to sell claims

The execution of the Czech Republic's largest travel agency, Fischer, has come to an end, after all of the company's three principal creditors agreed to sell their claims to the company Atlantik Financial Markets. Following the lead of creditors Komercni banka bank and the Czech Aircraft Authority, Czech Airlines announced its decision to sell to Atlantik on Friday. The travel agency's owner, Vaclav Fischer, allegedly owed Komercni banka 400 million crowns and the other two debtors 50 million.

Court rejects suit taken against Czech Television by former director

The Prague 2 Municipal Court has rejected a lawsuit brought by Jiri Balvin against his former employer, Czech Television. Mr Balvin claims he was wrongfully dismissed as director of the station last November. He said on Friday he would appeal against the ruling.

Vandals, heat kill 40,000 trout at fish farm

Around 40,000 trout were killed by vandals on a fish farm near the south Bohemian town of Cesky Krumlov, police said on Friday. The vandal or vandals used a tarpaulin sheet and dirt to stop fresh water flowing into and oxygenating holding ponds, causing the fish to suffocate. A police spokesman said the fish had died because the water was hotter than usual, due to the tropical temperatures currently affecting the Czech Republic. The value of the fish was put at over 100,000 crowns. So far the police have no leads in the case.


Saturday should another sunny day, with temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius. Sunday will also be sunny, though it is expected to be one degree cooler.