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Czech Republic to deploy specialised forces to Kuwait

The Czech Republic will deploy a unit of specialised forces to protect the joint Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit currently stationed in Kuwait. The unit is expected to include around thirty soldiers from Prostejov, central Moravia. On Tuesday Czech and American officials held talks on whether US soldiers would protect the unit if it entered Iraq. The Czech unit will only be allowed to enter the country if chemical or biological weapons are used. The Czech Republic decided to send its own troops to protect the unit in light of an increase in guerrilla war tactics by Iraq against allied forces. The move comes at the same time that the anti-chemical unit has increased monitoring of chemical and biological agents at the request of the Kuwaiti authorities.

Czech Republic included on list of beneficiary countries for US support

The Czech Republic has been included on a list of countries by President George Bush which are to benefit financially for supporting the United States, if the US Congress approves his request for 75 billion dollars in funding for the US-led wait against Iraq. The Czech Republic, along with Poland and Hungary would receive some 15 million dollars to cover expenses, in what Mr Bush has called the fight against terrorism. This despite the fact that Czech officials have expressed opposition to the Czech Republic being included on the list of countries taking part in the coalition against Iraq.

New poll reinforces anti-war sentiment in the Czech Republic

A new poll released Wednesday found overwhelming opposition to any war in Iraq in the Czech Republic, with or without a United Nations mandate. According to the CVVM agency, 72 percent of respondents said they opposed the war with UN backing, and 83 percent were against any war without the support of the UN. The poll found that only 21 percent of Czechs support any sort of war in Iraq. The poll also found that 70 percent of respondents do not think that the war against Iraq will contribute to suppressing global terrorism. Also, 82 percent agree with the notion that the United States prioritises foreign policy according to its own power and economic interests.

Secret Service: Iraqi agents planned attack on Radio Free Europe

The director of the Czech Secret Service, Jiri Ruzek, told the BBC on Wednesday that Iraqi agents plotted an attack on the Prague headquarters of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The planned strike was intended to stop the US-funded station from broadcasting to Iraq. This marks the first time that that Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was confirmed as a target for a terrorist attack by a Czech official. Security at the station's headquarters was stepped up after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the US. The station's headquarters are near the top of Wenceslas Square, a highly populated area adjacent to a vital Prague highway.

Gas mask manufacturer says Kuwaiti officials knew what they were receiving

After Czech Defense Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik stated that the return of Czech gas masks by Kuwaiti officials was a 'cause for shame', the manufacture of the masks, Gumarny, stated that Kuwaiti officials knew they were receiving older masks instead of the newer CM-6 design. Gurmarny's deputy director Jindrich Vaculin explained that the contract signed with Kuwaiti officials stated the older masks were intended only for an interim period before the newer models arrived. The CM-6 gas masks were to be delivered by the end of March but Kuwaiti officials had pushed for immediate delivery because of the war against Iraq.


Favourable weather conditions should continue into Thursday where it will be partly cloudy with a high of 14 degrees Celsius. Night-time lows are expected to be from one to 5 degrees Celsius.