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Czechs vote in local and senate elections

On Friday and Saturday, Czechs voted in the second round of elections to one third of the Senate and in the elections to local administration. In the Senate elections, fifty two hopefuls faced run offs in 26 districts after only one candidate, the controversial media tycoon Vladimir Zelezny, secured a seat in the Upper House in last week’s first round. The turnout this weekend was estimated at 70 percent in some regions, as compared to 24 percent on average a week ago. Although the Czech Senate has limited powers in the two- chamber parliament, it will play a key role in selecting a successor to President Vaclav Havel, whose term expires in January.

U.S. to help protect Czech air space during NATO summit

The United States Government confirmed that it would provide the Czech Republic with air defence support during the NATO summit to take place in Prague later this month. This assurance came amidst reports that the United States might not provide its combat aircraft for guarding the Czech air space because of unclear liability for potential accidents and damage. The Czech government is to meet over the weekend to approve a law which would define powers and responsibilities of both sides in the event of an emergency situation.

Most Czechs oppose a military campaign against in Iraq

According to a recent survey conducted by the RCA Research agency, 70 percent of Czechs oppose the idea of a U.S.-led military campaign against Iraq. The highest support for a military action to disarm Iraq was reported among university graduates and people between 25 and 34 years of age, support also is stronger among men than women.

Central bank launches credit register

The Czech National Bank has officially launched the Central Register of Loans, in cooperation with the Czech Banking Association. The register will enable banks to exchange information on loans provided to businesses. Commercial banks had been calling for the creation of a credit register for several years but its institution was not possible until private data protection issue had been solved.

Weather forecast

We are expecting a mostly cloudy day with rain, in higher altitudes with snow showers. The highest daytime temperatures should reach from 5 to 9 degrees Celsius.