News of Radio Prague

Progress in EU accession talks

Czech negotiators in Brussels say that consultations among EU member states on a common policy with regard to the conditions of the accession agreement for the Czech Republic have moved the talks forward. The competition chapter is expected to be closed at the end of next week and progress is also reported on the controversial agriculture chapter, where EU states have agreed to Czech demands for higher production quotas for sugar and potato starch. On the other hand, the EU states have shown little inclination to increase the number of seats which the Czech Republic will have in the European Parliament. The country has been allotted 20 seats and has complained that countries with a comparable population have at least two more.

British football rowdies charged

Four British football rowdies have been charged with breach of the peace in connection with a brawl at a Prague nightclub. A group of around 40 British football fans on their way to the European qualifier match in Bratislava went on a drinking spree in the Czech capital and got into a brawl at one of Prague's nightclubs. They caused extensive damage and ten of them were detained for questioning by the police. In the Slovak capital Bratislava two British football fans were shot and wounded by private security guards when a group of about 60 fans refused to leave a pub at closing time in the early hours of Saturday. The incident is being investigated. After England's victory in the qualifier match against Slovakia the atmosphere is reported to have calmed down.

Fur imports to be restricted

The Czech Environment Minister Libor Ambrozek says he wants to restrict the import of furs from countries which use animal traps and employ other cruel practices. The proposed amendment to the law, which the government is to debate on Monday, also envisages a ban on the import of the skin of baby sea lions. The move is designed to bring the country's legislation in line with EU norms.


Monday is expected to be cloudy to overcast with day temperatures between seven and eleven degrees Celsius. A slight warming is expected mid-week.