News of Radio Prague

Spidla talks to Chirac in Paris

Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, who's on an official visit to France, has met the French President Jacques Chirac in Paris for talks on Czech-French relations and EU expansion. The French Red Cross presented Mr Spidla with a cheque for 200,000 euros, money which will go towards the revitalisation of flood-affected areas in the Czech Republic.

Putin not to take part in NATO summit

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not take part in the upcoming NATO summit in Prague, the country will be represented by Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. Both the former Czech Foreign Minster Jan Kavan and the country's President Vaclav Havel have invited President Putin to the summit. A decision should be made at the summit over whether seven post-communist states, including the three Baltic will be accepted in the Alliance, a scenario which has been opposed by Moscow.

Airport Authority examines security checks after pilot smuggled gun on board

The Czech Airport Authority has launched an investigation into the check-in procedure at Prague Airport of the Czech Airlines pilot who was detained by British authorities in Birmingham on Monday for carrying a weapon in his luggage. The Czech Airport Authority says all crews undergo a security check and their luggage passes through and X-ray detector. The 54 year-old captain was charged with illegal possession of arms. According to a Czech Airlines spokesman, the pilot had violated Czech Airlines regulations as well as an international agreement on air transport. According to British law, the Czech pilot faces up to twelve months in jail.

Czech police issue warning about English hooligans

Czech police say football hooligans looking for a fight will be among thousands of fans arriving in Prague for Saturday's European championship qualifying match between England and Slovakia. It is expected that many fans will take cheap charter flights to the Czech capital and then take a train to Bratislava. Officials said about 4,000 tickets were officially sold to English fans but 1,000 more fans are expected to show up for the group seven qualifier.

Czech church-robbing couple arrested in Austria

A twenty-five year old Czech wanted in Austria for church robbery turned himself in to the police on Wednesday after his wife and accomplice was detained on Tuesday, Austrian authorities reported. The young couple specialised in stealing moneyboxes with donations from churches around Austria.


Friday night is expected to be overcast and rainy, with temperatures dropping to lows of just above 0 degrees Celsius. Saturday and Sunday should be cloudy with rain in places and daytime temperatures ranging from 5 to 9 degrees Celsius.