News of Radio Prague

Military police continue investigation of break-in at army base

Military police are continuing to investigate a break-in at the Cermne nad Orlici army base in east Bohemia on Thursday. There is a munitions store on the base though it appears nothing was stolen in the break-in. Defence Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik said on Saturday that the Czech Army had to improve security and surveillance, adding that it would need increased financial resources to do so.

Filip calls on Tvrdik to consider resigning over offer to United States

Meanwhile, the leader of the junior governing coalition party the Freedom Union, Vojtech Filip, has called on Defence Minister Tvrdik to consider resigning, after he offered to allow the United States to base part of its proposed anti-missile defence system in the Czech Republic. Mr Pilip said on Sunday that Mr Tvrdik's offer risked the Czech Republic's own security, and that it was inappropriate from a member of a government which presented itself as pro-European.

Austrian border police arrest Czech with van full of refugees

Border police in Austria arrested a Czech man attempting to carry 22 illegal immigrants from the Czech Republic to Austria on Saturday night. The refugees, who were all from China, were in the back of a van being driven by the man. A car which was accompanying the van managed to escape from the scene. The immigrants were returned to the Czech Republic.

Benes decrees not incompatible with EU legislation, says lawyer's report

The Benes decrees are not incompatible with European Union legislation, German lawyer Jochen Frowein has said in a report prepared for the European Parliament, the Austrian daily Die Presse reported on Saturday. German and Austrian authorities have frequently called for the repeal of the decrees, under which Czechoslovakia's German minority were expelled after World War II. Mr Frowein said however that there could be a problem with the 1946 amnesty for crimes committed against Germans during the expulsion.

DVD of Forman's "Amadeus" shown at theatre associated with Mozart

A new DVD version of Milos Forman's film about Mozart "Amadeus" has been shown at Prague's Estates Theatre, the venue where Mozart first conducted his opera Don Giovanni in 1787. Parts of "Amadeus", which was released in 1984 and won eight Oscars, were also filmed at the theatre. Saturday's showing was attended by Culture Minister Pavel Dostal, Scottish film-star Sean Connery, and many important figures from Czech film and theatre.


It should be misty on Monday morning with sunshine expected later. The maximum temperature will be 17 degrees Celsius.