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Governing coalition to continue with reduced role for Freedom Union - Kolar

The governing three-party coalition is likely to continue, but with a reduced role in cabinet for the right-of-centre Freedom Union, the party's deputy leader Robert Kolar said on Sunday. The coalition was rocked on Friday, when the Freedom Union's Hana Marvanova voted against a government tax bill, and then refused to give up her seat in the Chamber of Deputies. The prime minister and leader of the Social Democrats, Vladimir Spidla, has been holding talks with the chairman of the Freedom Union, Ivan Pilip, and the leader of the Christian Democrats, Cyril Svoboda, to try and find a way out of the current crisis.

The coalition has a majority of one in the 200-seat lower house, and the Freedom Union currently have three ministerial seats. Mr Kolar said his party were likely to lose one or two seats in cabinet. It had appeared on Saturday that Prime Minister Spidla would attempt to form a minority coalition with the Christian Democrats alone.

Two Czech soldiers die in accident in Kosovo

Two Czech soldiers serving with the KFOR operation have been killed in an accident involving an armoured personnel carrier in Kosovo. Three other Czech soldiers were injured in Saturday afternoon's crash and were taken to hospital in Pristina. The Czech general staff refused to release further details about the accident, which is now being investigated.

Croatian authorities remand two Czechs in custody over killing of diver

Two Czech tourists who were arrested by police in Croatia on suspicion of killing a Czech diver were remanded in custody on Saturday. The AFP news agency reported that a group of eight Czechs had been on a yacht together off the coast near Split. One of the group was originally believed to have drowned, though an investigation was launched when his body was discovered to have a deep stab wound.

Enge wins Formula 3000 championship, but must wait for drugs verdict

The Czech racing driver Tomas Enge has won the Formula 3000 championship, after finishing first in the Formula 3000 Grand Prix in Italy on Saturday. However, Mr Enge may be stripped of the title in two week's time, if motor racing's governing body punishes him for failing a drug test after the Hungarian Grand Prix in August. Traces of cannabis were found in his blood after the race.


Monday should be cloudy in places with occasional showers. Temperatures are expected to range between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius.