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Spidla proposes minority Social Democrat-Christian Democrat government

The prime minister, Social Democrat leader Vladimir Spidla, has proposed forming a minority coalition government with the Christian Democrats, the Christian Democrats' Milan Simonovsky said on Friday, after a member of the other party in the current three-party majority coalition, the Freedom Union, voted against a government tax bill. The Freedom Union's Hana Marvanova voted with opposition parties against the bill, which was defeated by one vote. The package of tax reforms was intended to raise 10 billion Czech crowns to help deal with the devastation caused by August's floods, estimated to be up to 90 billion crowns.

Marvanova's colleagues say quit parliament after vote costs government bill

Some Freedom Union MPs have called on Hana Marvanova to give up her post in parliament after she voted against the governing coalition, Mrs Marvanova herself said after Friday's dramatic vote, adding that she had not made any decisions regarding her future. She said she had voted on the basis of the policies for which she had been elected. Mrs Marvanova, one of the deputy chairs of the lower house, stepped down as leader of the Freedom Union after June's elections.

Communists would support Social Democrat-Christian Democrat government

The Communist Party would be prepared to support a minority Social Democrat-Christian Democrat government, the Communist leader Miroslav Grebenicek said after meeting Prime Minister Spidla. Mr Grebenicek said the Communist Party would not push for membership of the government.

Young man gets 25 years for killing girlfriend's adopted parents

A young man has received a 25-year prison sentence for the murder of his girlfriend's adopted parents. The Prague City Court heard on Friday that Michal Stastny, who is 19, murdered his girlfriend's parents in their sleep, when the couple robbed the parents' house in April. The court rejected the claims of another man, who said he had committed the murders.

Three arrested in road-side Semtex seize

The police have arrested three men for allegedly trying to sell the Czech-produced plastic explosive Semtex. The men were caught in possession of 11 kilogrammes of the explosive and five fuses at a motorway rest stop in central Bohemia on Thursday night. Semtex is produced by a company called Explosia, which is based near the east Bohemian town of Pardubice.

Enge to race for championship despite failing drug test

The Czech motor racing driver Tomas Enge is planning to race in the final Formula 3000 race of the season this weekend, despite Thursday's announcement that he failed a drug test after the Hungarian Grand Prix in August. If Mr Enge wins Saturday's Italian Grand Prix he will become the Formula 3000 champion, though he could lose the title in October, if a committee of motor racing's governing body strips him of the points he won in Budapest. Traces of cannabis were reportedly found in Mr Enge's blood after the race.


Saturday should be quite sunny, with temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius. Sunday is expected to be cloudy with showers in places, and up to 18 degrees Celsius.