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Tax reform to face opposition in Parliament

The tax reform proposed by the Czech cabinet to raise money to finance repairs of flood damage will face opposition in Parliament. The main opposition Civic Democrats said they would not support the government-proposed package of so-called flood taxes, claiming that the floods is only an excuse for a tax reform and that there are other ways to finance repairs of flood damage, such as revenues from privatisation. The Lower House is to vote on the proposal next Thursday. The tax reform proposal which the government will finalise on Sunday, should bring an extra 10 billion crowns to the state budget next year. The government wants to increase the consumer tax and VAT, as well as to introduce a special tax on personal income exceeding 900,000 crowns annually. The other opposition party, the Communist party, is not satisfied with

Czech Republic to reinforce security measures on September 11

The Czech security forces are bracing themselves for September 11, the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Czech newspapers have reported that special security measures will be introduced at the embassies of the USA, Israel and Britain, airports, waterworks, chemical and power plants, as well as the headquarters of Radio Free Europe. Police representatives say though that there have been no signs of any specific threat for the Czech Republic.

Number of asylum seekers decreases

The number of asylum seekers in the Czech Republic has been decreasing. In August and July, 580 asylum seekers were reported, which is less than a half of the number of applicants in January. A drop in the number of asylum seekers was reported already in April. The continuing decrease is attributed to an amendment Asylum Law that came into effect in February and introduced provisions to prevent foreigners from abusing the Czech asylum system for illegal migration to other countries. The biggest number of refugees come from Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, China and Vietnam. In 2002, the Interior Ministry registered a more than 100-percent rise in the number of asylum seekers in comparison with the year before. Over 18,000 people sought asylum in the Czech Republic last year, while 75 of them were granted it.

Czech weather report

We are expecting a mostly clear say, the highest daytime temperatures should range from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.