News of Radio Prague

200 million crowns at three major flood-accounts

The three major flood accounts in the Czech Republic have collected more than 200 million crowns for flood victims. The most successful account was that of the People in Need Foundation, to which some 119 million crowns have been sent by those who want to help. The other two accounts belong to the Czech government and the Czech Catholic Charity. About one third of the sum has come from abroad. Money is flowing in from individuals, companies and charity organizations from many countries, including the United States, Spain, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia.

Czech soldiers to Kuwait

251 soldiers from the Czech army's 4th anti-chemical unit said good-bye to their families and homeland on the main square in the South Bohemian town of Tyn nad Vltavou on Friday. They will fly to Kuwait to participate in the Enduring Freedom anti-terrorist operation in the region. Defence Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik told the soldiers that they were the best representatives of the Czech armed forces. The Czech Republic, as a full-fledged NATO member, is held responsible for the protection of common values of democracy, freedom and compliance with human rights, Minister Tvrdik said.

Public sector employees to receive higher salaries next year

Czech public sector employees' salaries might go up by 7 percent next year. Public sector trade union organizations have agreed with the Ministers of Finance and Labour and Social Affairs in Prague on Friday. If the proposal is approved by the government and parliament, seven billion crowns will go to the salaries of public sector employees from the state budget in the year 2003.

President will visit flood-stricken areas on Monday

On Monday, Czech president Vaclav Havel and his wife Dagmar will visit the town of Svihov in the Klatovy region in West Bohemia, which is among the most heavily flood-stricken places in the Czech Republic. At present, there are soldiers in Svihov helping with the clean-up operation. The town is famous for its medieval castle surrounded by a wide moat.

More Czech applications for asylum in Britain

The number of applications of Czech citizens for asylum in Britain has risen 7 times within the second quarter of this year as compared with the first three months, says the British Home Office. While by the end of March it was 80 applications, by the end of June nearly 600 Czechs applied for asylum in Britain. Although the British authorities do not mention ethnic affinity, both British and Czech sources have revealed that it's mostly Roma families who are applying for asylum in Britain. However, most of the applicants have been turned down, as the reasons they were giving for not being able to live in the Czech Republic, have been found groundless.


And finally a brief look at the weather forecast: Saturday and Sunday will be partially clouded days, with scattered showers and thunderstorms in places. Daytime highs will reach 24 to 28 degrees Celsius.