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Kavan says he did not know murder-plot suspect Srba was untrustworthy

The former foreign minister, Jan Kavan, has said he did not know that Karel Srba was untrustworthy when he gave him a job at the Foreign Ministry. Mr Srba is one of four people in custody in connection with an alleged plot to kill a journalist. It has emerged in recent days that Mr Srba was a military intelligence agent, a function Mr Kavan says he did not know Mr Srba still held. After the alleged murder plot came to light, President Vaclav Havel called on Mr Kavan to resign from his current post as chairman of the United Nations General Assembly.

Havel flies to Portugal to continue recuperation

President Havel has flown to his summer house in Portugal, where he will continue to recuperate from a recent worsening of his chronic bronchitis. Breathing difficulties forced Mr Havel to cut short a visit to France, and he was released after a week in hospital on Tuesday. The 65-year-old president, who is a former chain smoker, has been hospitalised 16 times since taking office. Mr Havel's term as president ends next February.

Prague deputy mayor expects serious clashes during NATO summit

The deputy mayor of Prague, Jiri Paroubek, has said that he expects serious disturbances on the streets of the capital during the NATO summit in November. Speaking on a Sunday television discussion programme, Mr Paroubek said he thought the clashes would be at least as serious as those which took place during the annual session of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in September 2000. The leaders of NATO's 19 member states are due to attend the Prague conference, at which the alliance is expected to welcome new members.

10,000 ravers at illegal techno music festival

Around 10,000 young people from the Czech Republic and abroad are attending an illegal techno music festival in the north Bohemian district of Visnova. People began arriving at the site of the festival, known as Czechtek, on Friday. Police say so far the event has passed without serious incident. The festival is held on the last weekend of July every year, and the location is kept secret until the very last moment.

Drug mules likely to be transferred from Thai to Czech prisons

Two Czech citizens serving sentences for drug smuggling in Thailand are likely to be transferred to Czech prisons, following the exchange of ratification letters on mutual extradition between Czech and Thai authorities. The two prisoners, whose original 50-year-sentences were subsequently reduced, are expected to return to the Czech Republic by the end of this year or next year.

Two dead and two seriously injured in crash

Two people died on Saturday afternoon when their car was involved in a collision with a Tatra truck at a busy crossroads near the north Bohemian town of Jablonec nad Nisou. Two other people were seriously injured in the crash, which is now being investigated.


Monday should be quite sunny, with temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius. The country is expected to enjoy tropical temperatures until at least Friday.