News of Radio Prague

Coalition talks to resume on Monday

Talks on forming a government coalition have been adjourned until Monday, with several issues still dividing the three parties involved. The points of contention include tax and pension reform and fighting corruption. A six-hour meeting was held on Saturday at the headquarters of the Social Democrats, the party which came first in elections two weeks ago.

Freedom Union want same power as Christian Democrats in government

Meanwhile the smaller of the other two parties in the coalition talks, the Freedom Union, are demanding the same influence as the larger of the two, the Christian Democrats. Freedom Union deputy chairman Ivan Pilip said on Sunday that if his party did not receive equal influence they would pull out of the talks.

Tests begin on turbine at second reactor of Temelin nuclear station

Tests of the turbine at the second reactor at the Temelin nuclear power station in south Bohemia got under way on The plant's first reactor has been shut down with technical problems several times since its launch began in late 2000. Critics of the plant, both in the Czech Republic and in neighbouring countries, say it is unsafe.

Taxi driver shoots dead passenger who chased him with axe

A taxi driver has shot dead a young man who threatened him with an axe. The incident occurred in the Moravian capital Brno on Friday night. When the taxi arrived at the young man's destination he said he would go inside to get some money, but instead returned with an axe and smashed the window of the car. He then chased after the taxi driver who shot him dead with a legally held gun. Police are investigating the incident.

Advertising flyers banned in Prague as of Monday

From Monday July 1st it will be illegal to hand out advertising flyers on the streets of Prague. The new regulation also bans parked cars with advertisements on them. And across the whole of the Czech Republic the punishment for encouraging drug taking will increase to up to five years in prison.

Vacek keeping Czech hopes alive at Wimbledon tennis tournament

Jan Vacek is the only Czech tennis player left at Wimbledon as the competition goes into its second week. On Saturday Vacek beat Adrian Voinea of Romania 6-1 4-6 6-3 6-4 in the third round; he will now play Dutch 18th seed Sjeng Schalken on Monday.

Beer souvenir buffs gather in Plzen

Some 280 collectors of beer souvenirs from all over Europe attended an international fair on Saturday in the west Bohemian city of Plzen, home of Pilsner beer. Most of the collectors are interested in beer bottle labels, though others are interested in cans and beer mats; one festival-goer from Prague said he owned 68,000 of the latter.

Monday's weather

Monday is expected to be bright with cloud in places, and occasional showers. The maximum daytime temperature should be 26 degrees Celsius.