News of Radio Prague

Foreign Minister Jan Kavan meets president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Foreign Minister Jan Kavan and the president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Thomas Dine have met to discuss alternative locations for the U.S.-funded radio station, although both declined to comment on possible sites for the new headquarters just yet. They are waiting to first present a plan to the State Security Office on June 25th. On Thursday Radio Free Europe spokeswoman Sonia Winter indicated that both sides were close to an agreement that would determine a new and safer location for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, than the current headquarters at the top of Prague's busy St Wenceslas Square. RFE / Radio Liberty have been under guard, first by army and now by police units, ever since the September 11th attacks on the U.S. last year.

Mayoral powers divided among five councillors

The recent resignation of Prague's Mayor Jan Kasl has led Prague city council officials to divide the office of the mayor's powers and responsibilities among five councillors until a new mayor can be elected. However, a motion put forward by the opposition Freedom Union's Jiri Witzany on Thursday, calling for the resignation of the entire city council was rejected. For the time being the office of mayor will be represented by deputy mayor Petr Svec, while other council members from the opposition Civic Democrats, as well as the ruling Social Democrats, will divide remaining mayoral responsibilities.

Czech Airlines suffers losses of 456 million crowns

By Czech accounting standards CAS Czech Airlines suffered losses of 456 million crowns in the year 2001, while the International Accounting Standards indicate that the carriers profits fell by 57 percent from the previous year. The losses come in reaction to last year's September 11th terrorist attacks, and the international airline crisis that ensued. CSA's yearly profits for 2001 totalled 260 million crowns, or almost 8 million dollars US.

Police charge taxi-driver for internet threats targeting city hall officials

Police have charged a 27-year-old taxi-driver in connection with a series of threats posted on the internet targeting city officials. The man anonymously posted messages over the weekend threatening bodily harm against city officials involved in the regulation of taxi services. The suspect will not be taken into custody during trial; meanwhile police have secured the man's computer, which police believe was used to send the threats.

French conductor Christoph Escehnbach unable to appear at Prague Spring music festival

French conductor Christoph Eschenbach, who was originally meant to conduct the last two concerts at the close of this year's Prague Spring Festival, will not appear due to injury. Earlier this week Mr Eschenbach suffered an injury to his arm, on which he has was operated several months ago. Mr Eschenbach will be replaced by Austrian conductor Has Graf, who will conduct the Czech Philharmonic in a performance of Beethoven's 9th symphony, the traditional close to the Prague Spring music festival.


Thursday evening will be mostly overcast, temperatures dropping to lows between 12 and 9 degrees Celsius. Friday is expected to be partly cloudy with a chance of showers: day-time temperatures will reach highs between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius.