News of Radio Prague

57th anniversary of Prague Uprising

Czech politicians, WW2 veterans and citizens of Prague remembered the 57th anniversary of the 1945 Prague Uprising outside the Czech Radio building on Sunday. The commemorative ceremony was attended by the Czech Prime Minister, the chairman of the Senate, and the Mayor of Prague who laid wreaths in front of the Radio Building and paid homage to the memory of those who lost their lives in the last days of WW2. In a speech, Prime Minister Milos Zeman said the atrocities of WW2 must never be forgotten and he warned against what he called "a surge of hatred coming from neighbouring Bavaria, Austria, Hungary and other countries". The Prague Uprising began on May 5th, 1945 with a call to arms, broadcast on the radio. Around 30,000 people spontaneously joined the freedom fighters in the Czech capital.

Part of military hospital departs for Afghanistan

Building work is underway on the site of the Czech military field hospital in the suburbs of the Afghan capital Kabul. The main part of the hospital departed for Kabul on Friday and the remaining equipment and the rest of the 200-member contingent are due to arrive in the Afghan capital by May 9th. The Czech Army medical personnel are going to provide medical care to members of international military units in the region but they also expect to cater for local citizens.

Czech citizens wishing to vote abroad to register at embassies by Sunday

Sunday, May 5th is the deadline for Czech citizens living abroad to register at Czech embassies and consulates if they wish to cast their votes in this year's parliamentary elections. Czech diplomats have agreed that people are less interested in this year's general election than Czech authorities expected. According to unofficial estimates there are about 70,000 Czech citizens living abroad, many of whom have criticised the fact that they have to travel to distant embassies rather than cast their votes by post.

Cannabis legalisation advocates meet in Prague

Around 5,000 people met on Prague's Letna Plain to support the legalisation of cannabis and protest against the official anti-drug policy on Saturday. The event was a part of an international campaign aimed at eradicating of what the organisers call "myths about marijuana" and informing the public about other uses of hemp products, such as in the textile industry, cosmetics or medicine. A police spokeswoman said no major incidents happened at the event and only five people were detained on charges of breach of the peace.

Czechs beat United States 5:4 at world ice-hockey championships

The Czech ice-hockey team beat the United States 5:4 at the world ice-hockey championships in Sweden on Saturday. The Czech team will take on Canada in the last group E match on Sunday.


And finally a look at the weather forecast. Sunday night will be overcast and rainy with temperatures falling to lows of 7 degrees Celsius. Monday will see more of the same weather with daytime temperatures ranging from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius.