News of Radio Prague

Czech Republic and EU debate future budget matters

The European Commission and the Czech Republic are discussing measures which should ensure that, upon admission, the country's annual contribution to EU coffers is not higher than the amount received in EU subsidies. EU officials agree that this might happen since the annual contribution to EU coffers is paid as a lump sum while the various EU subsidies are paid gradually. This would violate the EU solidarity principle with poorer countries. In order to avoid this the Czech Republic has asked for a transitional period during which it would pay lower annual contributions. The European Commission is against the idea and has suggested a special EU fund from which any sustained losses could be covered.

Not all Czech regions ready for EU subsidies

A team of French experts has ascertained that certain regions in the Czech Republic are not properly prepared to receive EU funding. The five member team spent a week on a fact finding mission in several Czech regions and concluded that three regions in the north-eastern part of the country – the Pardubice, Hradec Kralove and Liberec regions – need more time and know- how before they can be trusted to make good use of EU funds.

Protection of private data is a major problem in the post-communist states

Protection of private data is seen as a major problem in many post-communist states. Representatives from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states, met in Prague on Saturday to debate common problems in this field and agree on closer cooperation. They discussed problems relating to protection of private data in banking, state administration and health. The head of the Czech Institute for Protection of Private Data Karel Neuwirt told the CTK press agency there was no tradition of protecting private data in the post communist states, which together with advanced technology presented a huge challenge for the authorities in these countries. The countries in question have agreed to set up joint web pages and meet for regular consultations.

And finally, a look at the weather forecast for the coming hours : the cloudy skies over central Europe are expected to last through the weekend. We can expect some rain overnight and more drizzle in the course of Sunday. Night temps between 5 and 9 degs , day temperatures on Sunday 11 to 16 degs C.