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Zeman compares Arafat to Hitler

Controversial remarks from the Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman continue. In an interview for the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, Mr Zeman compared the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to Hitler. During WWII, he said, Hitler was the biggest terrorist in the world. He added that it was not his duty to pass judgement on Mr Arafat but believed that anyone who financed or supported terrorism was a terrorist himself. Mr Zeman also compared Sudeten Germans - who were expelled from Czechoslovakia after the Second World War - to Palestinians living in Israel. Prime Minister Zeman was quoted as saying that Palestinians should either accept Israel's conditions or be expelled. His strong words, however, did not remain within the boundaries of the conflict in Israel. Continuing with his vocal opposition to Austria's far-right Freedom Party, he said that he fully appreciated Israel's decision not to send an ambassador to Vienna as long as the Freedom Party remained in office.

Sudeten Germans call for German FM to respond to Zeman's remarks during trip to Prague

And staying with the Prime Minister. Members of the Sudeten German community in Germany have called on the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer to clarify his opposition to Prime Minister Milos Zeman's words last month, when he called Sudeten Germans 'Hitler's fifth column' and 'traitors'. Mr Fischer has been asked to make the statement during his official trip to Prague on Wednesday where he is to meet with senior Czech politicians, including Prime Minister Zeman and Foreign Minister Jan Kavan.

Robertson: Prague summit shall not only concentrate on expansion

NATO's General Secretary George Robertson said on Monday that expansion will not be the only central topic of discussion at the alliance's summit in Prague later this year. Speaking at a conference in the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, Lord Robertson stressed that besides enlargement, other topics such as NATO's role in the international campaign against terrorism and its relation with Russia needed to be given importance. He said that NATO has to adapt to current state of affairs and will also undergo transformation in some areas.

Czech police search for man with contagious tuberculosis

The Czech police have issued a nation-wide search warrant for a Romanian national who escaped from a hospital in West Bohemia on Saturday. Twenty-year old Daniel Grigore was being treated for a highly-contagious form of tuberculosis and is now considered dangerous as anyone in contact with him stands the risk of being infected.

Office equipment 'mislaid' during 2000 IMF/World Bank meeting

The Supreme Audit Office announced on Monday that computers and other office equipment worth around 100,000 US dollars were 'mislaid' during the IMF/World Bank summit in Prague in September 2000. The office's investigations have shown that the Czech police have not developed any leads in the case and have so far been unsuccessful in their search for the persons responsible.


And finally a quick look at the weather forecast. Monday night is expected to have overcast skies throughout the country with occasional rain and early morning fog. Night-time temperatures shall range between -2 and 2 degrees Celsius. Temperatures on Tuesday will range between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius with occasional rain or drizzle continuing throughout the day.