News of Radio Prague

EU candidates demand fair deal

The Visegrad Four , a loose economic alliance of post-communist states, have issued a joint declaration insisting their farmers get a fair deal when they join the European Union. The statement signed by the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland is a bid to present a common front to Brussels and repeats, more politely, the outrage most EU candidates expressed at tough funding recommendations made by the European Commission at the end of January . The commission offered EU newcomers just a quarter of the direct farming aid that existing members receive. They would have to wait ten years to get the full subsidies. In their declaration the Visegrad leaders say the offer discriminates against them and smacks of a two-tier Europe.

Temelin back on line

The Temelin nuclear power plant is back on line following several days of repair work. The plant's spokesman Milan Nebesar said Temelin's reactor was re- connected to the main power grid on Saturday and would gradually be raised to 50% operation capacity. At that stage technicians will perform a series of tests before increasing production to full capacity. This has been described as a short trial run since in approximately a week's time the plant is to be closed down again for a month of scheduled repair work. The Temelin nuclear power plant has been plagued by technical problems in recent months but its operator, the power utility CEZ, claims this is a normal part of trial operation. Anti-nuclear activists insist it is a sign that the plant is not safe.

Ultra-right extremists demonstrate against RFE

A group of ultra right extremists on Saturday demonstrated against the presence of US funded RFE/RL in Prague. Some eighty supporters of the ultra-right party Right Alternative assembled at the top end of Wenceslas Square chanting insults and accusing the station of spreading "lies and propaganda". The demonstrators called on RFE employees to "pack their bags and leave the Czech Republic". A group of over 50 anarchists attempted to disrupt the demonstration, booing and whistling in order to drown out the speeches of ultra right demonstrators. A heavy police presence served to maintain order. At only one point did the police intervene –to prevent a right wing extremist from burning the US flag. According to the CTK press agency the police asked to see the man's ID card but did not detain him.

Czechs celebrate hockey victory

Czech hockey fans are celebrating their national team's 8:2 victory over Germany in the Olympics Hockey Tournament . Washington Capitals Jaromir Jagr scored two goals and added two assists, while goalie Dominik Hasek stopped twenty shots. "It's a great set-up" Jagr said of the Czech team after the game, adding that the convincing victory against Germany would boost the team's confidence for the matches ahead. This is only the beginning – Jagr said- the sky's the limit and there are five more matches to be fought and won.

Weather forecast

The night should be cold and clear with temps dropping to minus six degs C. Sunday is expected to be cold and sunny with morning fog in places and day temps between 4 and 8 degs C.